Welcome to the Townsend Publick House!

151 Jackson Avenue Syosset, NY 11791 – (516) 802-7120


The Townsend Publick House is a classic American pub with delicious, American pub fare as well as a diverse selection of bottled and draft beers, bourbons, ryes, and other whiskeys.

Throughout the history of the English-speaking world, publick houses (or pubs) served as the focal point of most communities.  Long considered the “heart of England”, publick houses were essential for colonial America.  They were where our forefathers did business dealings, engaged in local politics, heard global and national news, and found entertainment.  In the early colonial days, many local governments met in pubs.  For example, the Jamestown settlement in colonial Virginia was governed from a publick house from 1660 to 1665.  In fact, the US Marines and the US Postal Service were both formed in pubs during early American history.